Mmmmm While Some Of The Info Published By Wikileaks May Be Deemed Helpful to our POTUS, How Can Any Constitution Nation FLAG Loving American Love Julian Assange???? That Bastard Did More To Harm Our Nation Than Every Spy And Traitor Since Our Founding Fathers Declared FOR Our Nation! He Has Assisted Our Enemies The Chinese The Russians The North Koreans The Iranians ISIS And Every Despot And Sowed Discontent Among Our Allies. He Has Actively Sought Out And Paid For Spies And Hackers To Breach Our Networks, Our Agencies Our Military! Exposed our secrets and our techniques! Whose to say those very techniques would/could not have foiled a 9-11 style attack? How crazy are those whom call him a hero!
He Has Caused Our Troops And Our Agents Harm And Has Made It His Position And Life’s Works To Expose Our Nations Secrets.
While You Gloat And Publish With Hearts And Say You Love Him And Believe You Are Doing Great Things, The Enemy Is Conducting The Same Efforts , Hacking, Spying, And ARE At Cyber War!
You May Believe That Your Freedom Is Secure And That All Is Perfect With Out The NSA And CIA And All The Other Agencies We Require—In Fact With Out Their Works You Would Have Long Ago Lost Your Rights To Protest And Be Able To Have Open Discussions And Forums And Free Speech!
Now, To Shout It Out And Talk And Call Them Out Over What Was Not Right Is One Thing, But To Heap Praise On A Persona Whom Is Your Enemy? Think Again…. And Do Not Come Back And Run That BS That He Exposed This Or That! One Way Or Another It Would Have Reached Day Light….
It Is Like Calling Snowden A Hero… Think About It. If Snowden Wanted To Expose What He Believed Was Wrong As Concerned Every Day Civilians, Why Did He Not Take Just Those Files And Give Them To The NY Times ???? And Stay Here? Like The Pentagon Files In The 1960’s?
No, He Took Millions Of Files That Had Nothing To Do With What He Alleged! Top Secret Important Files And Went To China And Met With Chinese Then To Russia And Met With The Russians???
He Provided Documents That Were Not Related To The Average American That He Alleged He Was Fighting For????
Get A Life. Do Not Say You Are A Conservative American Loving The Constitution And The American Flag And Our Nation And Her Freedom And Respect Our Military Whom Are Willing To Die For The People And Yet Love Wikileaks And Julian Assange!
He Does Not Love You And Is Only Trying To Get You To Set HimSELF Free…