Poetry 1998-1999-f

Poetry 1998-1999-f



IS a tale?


A Fable?




For under the old, bald
cypress tree

A story unfolds from History!

Once upon a time lived a Princely Frog,

Who sat so Regal on a muddy log;

Giving Royal orders to one and all,

Making everyone jump to his beckon call.

He had appeared one day and on a log he sat

And with his sticky tongue he soon was fat —

Full of nonsense and selfishness —

The richness of the swamp grew less and less.

Though he looked so funny in his bumpy green,

And no Golden Crown was ever seen,

Resting on top his swarthy head,

It wasn’t how he looked but what he said:

“I’m the King of this swampy land.

You must obey all I demand

For if you don’t, soon you will see,

Monsters as large as the cedar trees!”

Along came Red Robin with a worm in her mouth

“I’ve not had breakfast!” said the Prince with a shout.

Robin dropped her worm and gave him a bow.

“How will I feed my children they’re so hungry now?”

“You’re so smart…” cried Princely Frog,

Dining on the worm from his muddy log,

. . .”who will guard your children in their lovely nest

From the Robin eating Owl with the Golden Crest?

For I am the King of this swampy land,

From the ceders to the grains of sand,

If you don’t listen soon you’ll see

Monsters as large as a walnut tree!”

“How can a creature so very, very, small

Demand and demand and demand of all.

Why can’t he ask with a simple please!”

Cried the Crested Owl sitting in a tree.

“Oh you’re so smart…” crooned Princely Frog

“…as you sit in safety above the thickening fog.

Who will send a warning of the Owl snake,

Creeping all around for a dinner you’ll make?

I’m the King of this here swampy land!

Listen to the music of my riveting band:

If you don’t dance every tune for me

A monster will grab you from your oaken tree!”

A Rabbit with a sack appeared with a hop.

From the Princes mouth the worm did drop.

“Why are you interrupting my tasty snack?”

Asked Princely Frog as he grabbed for the sack.

The Rabbit just bowed and asked with a plea,

“Give the sack back its for bunnies three!

They’re so hungry, they’re waiting for me

Just take a look and you will see!”

“You’re so smart. . .” cried Princely Frog

. . .”hopping all around this swampy bog.

Who will keep those bunnies three

From the mouths of Red Robins hungry three!

For I’m the king of the swampy land,

And all I survey I hereby command:

If you don’t listen to what I say

Monsters so tall will come someday…”

Then one day across the swamp

Sounds appeared “Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!”

With out a warning they had arrived:

Strange large creatures, each side by side.

Everyone that mattered took a look

And for a monster they first mistook

The two strange creatures towering high

Until they heard them talk and cry:

“Look! Over there!”, one said to the other,

. . . “Little Red Robins and their lovely mother!

And over there in that high oak tree,

Is that a Crested Owl I truly see?

And there’s a Rabbit over there, I can see him hop

White from his toes to his tipity top!

But where is the muddy, green swamp frog

That likes to sit on the bumpy log?”

The animals then thought of a royal plan

To rid the Prince from the swampy land.

Together they laughed in spirited glee.

And to the muddy bog they all did flee.

Silently they crept behind the muddy log

“Come quick!” they plead, “Sir Princely Frog”

Bowing and scraping on bended knees,

“Protect us from the monster please.

It stands as tall as a walnut tree.

Four arms, four legs, four bony knees,

Thick black hair grows upon two heads.

It asked for you that’s what it said.”

Princely Frog was short of speech

Forgetting all that he had preached…

“But what would a monster want from me!

One as large as a walnut tree?

For I am nothing but a tiny frog

Who sits alone on a muddy log

“What shall I do?”. . . he asked the three

“Hide me at once, OH! Please! OH! Please!”

“But you’re the King so Royal brought

To the swamp, that’s what you taught.

A Princely, Royal, Regal, Stately Frog!

So get up and off that muddy log!”

“But I was playing make-believe

Under these sacred cedar trees.

Don’t let the monster come for me

I beg you upon my folded knees!”

“So now you beg upon your muddy throne

Scared and frightened and all alone

You wanna save your bumpy hide?

This is something a council decides!”

A council was formed that very night

And all were present, was a noble sight.

The first to speak was Crested Owl,

“He was always mean and so darn foul!

…took from us our very best

Left nothing else for the rest

Commanding, demanding, for his very own,

And now he cowers upon his throne.”

Red Robin then chirped in a stately voice…

“I believe we have only one simple choice

To end his Princely, Royal Decree

A simple, little fellow for all to see!”

Then Mr. Rabbit stood up and spoke,

“His royal decree we hereby revoke,

And leave him to be the green-swamp-frog

Who sits alone upon a muddy log.”


Is a story

That is often told

How the animals

Grew to be very old

So proud and noble

In the swampy land

With no frogs voice

In total command