Poetry 1998-1999-e

Poetry 1998-1999-e

A little girl sat
Inspired on her bed
She wrote a poem
Of a young love
A tragic end ca
Nov 98

me to it
Compassion brought tears
To all who read of this love
Many years came to fly
The little girl turned to a woman

A young man came to ask
For her hand
Would she take his ring?
Against the dreams & hopes
Of her parents greed
She said yes to her fiance
Forsaked money & family
Her heart was stronger
She ran off to be eloped
They streamed down the road
Didn’t want to waste any time
Holding hands in pure happiness
They slipped off the road
A unseen cliff lurked ahead
It swallowed them whole
They never did see the danger
Laughing all the way
The greeted eternity together
Her mother’s eyes
Wept with a river of tears
As the bodies were lowered
Into the darkness
Her father was stunned
To realize that he had lost his heir

Days feel through the hourglass
When someone stumbled
Upon the poem
Written by the little girl
That told of her own demise

The offer had seemed so glamorious
The chance at immortaity
She despised death
Accepted destiny from a pale man
The hunger in the symptom
Of the addictive destruction

Be warned
Nothing comes with a price
This dispisment of life
She must pay
Till the end of the world

Not a star shined
That dreary night
The men came marching
Right up to the door
The awoke her from a nightmare
So she could start another
Her fiance dragger her outside
The torches casted eiry shadows
About Angelica’s face
Three classmates stood
With crosses around their necks
They chanted prayers
Angelica stood in exhausted confusion
Not knowing why they stood in the cold
Under frozen eyes
That pierced to her bones
There was a ounce of terror in all their faces
The mayor stepped forward
He held an old scroll
Slowly he opened it was a slight rustle
Read the charges against her
No one look at her
As she was accused of witchcraft
No one but the three girls
Who smiled with pride
The mayor tried to comfort her
As she was led to the tiny cell
She’d get a trial
Her innocence would be shown
These were just formalities he assured
With those words
She kept her sanity
Up to the trial
The prosucution
Had but three witnesses
Her classmates
The accusers
The court room all gaspesed
As a story of curses
Was told by the first
Men cried
As the second told of gruseom animal sacrifices
The third was worst
Children and women fled
Angelica had killed her little sister
An virgin sacrfice
Everyone knew it was all fiction
Imaginitive stories
But when the defense asked for witnesses
No one would stand
Only word to be heard was witch
She cried & looked ot her friends
Wondering why they condemed her to death
The only thing she had done
Was refused to help them cheat
She was lead back
For a last mean
All night she prayed
The dawn cam
The sun hide behind the clouds
She stood up straight as the bound her
She recieted sweet poetry of hope
Knew there was some place better waiting for her
Her fiance stood with a torch
Begging for a confession
She just kept reciting bible verses
Until the scream and death
Angelica was just the victim
Of teenage revenge in Salem


Cassi Steele
Nov 98

As the sun comes up

Spreading far across the sky
Like tea pouring out of a cup
The dark soaking it in

A peaceful time
Full of joy and sadness
The skys a mime
Not telling its secrets

The birth of light
Spilling across the sky
But what if I might
Miss the darkness

Sitting alone

Talking to my past
Sitting like a shadow
As in a script that we’ve been cast

Learning many secrets
I didn’t care to know
Learning things about myself
That I swore I’d never show

My past gets up and walks away
I’m left here by myself
Now I’m stuck here in the present
I’ll pu tmy past up on the shelf
-Tibet Mitchell-

D. I. V. A. 1998: february 13th ’98

1998 Gail Broome
Nov 98


Why do the tree frogs scream
From dusk till dawn
As if they are being tormented
Driving me to close the
porch door
and cover my ears.

Why do the tree frogs
Sing like a heavenly choir
While I linger on the
porch a little longer
Just before I sleepily amble to my bed
Falling asleep peacefully
Content in the angelic sounds of God’s creatures.

They scream when I’m screaming
They sing when I’m singing


Written by Ben Searle Age 17,
Nov 98

I used to think
that I was something special
but lately
you have changed my opinion
and made me see
that everything I am
is nothing
without you
I want to die to myself
and be nothing but
Fill me
Fill me Take everything I am
and make it everything
you are
Sin still lives in me
but I’m free
I don’t have to do that anymore
I’m a slave to my best friend
and I’m so relieved
I am ready to die for you
Consume me
Burn me
Destroy me
Purge me
you will never hurt me
You just want me dead
so I will die
I can’t keep this to myself
The world will know
who you are
when they see you in me that is all I want to be
you in me
God you’re so amazing
nobody understands
they think I’m crazy to talk like this
but I’m fearless now
what can they do to me
even my friends think I’m a fool
so what
I want to plunge into a sea
of spirituality
and find you there
and know you are the Only Way
the Truth
the Life
and know that I am worth the World to you

Kenidra R. Stinnett
Nov 98


I call You beloved because of Your Love.
Helping me step by step holding my hand.
I never had a clue about my dreams until now.
Beginning a new life with You finally I am free.
From the insanity called a broken heart.
You opened up to me and I love You.
Days are many to recall Your gentleness.
Even when I knew I was wrong to sin.
Sometimes I forget who I am.
Born again but human is me.
Let’s me know why I am here.
I am not perfect nor am I of “this world”.
It has been made clear because of You.
Who put me here on this earth to Love.
To be a light from the darkness that exists.

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binky and the nut
words of wisdom
the depth of knowledge
a good cry
the price

Binky and the Nut
@1995MAGIC Press
A Pecan nut upon the ground
Sir. Squirrel excited he had found
An’ Chirped an’ Chirped
Round an’ round
So loud Sly Rabbit caught his sound
“Pecan nuts from an Oaken tree,
Not Walnut, Chestnut nor Hickory!
Yes, a Pecan nut if you please
A miracle forged enough for three!”
“A Pecan nut you say you’ve found?
Tossed upon an oak nut ground?
Let me view it for a while
Sly Rabbit said with a dainty smile
“Though smooth and striped.”
Sly rabbit piped
…And even brushed in brown!..”
…A squiggly crease.
Could be a feast”
Sly Rabbit then did frown…
With long tall ears
He shook to hear
If it made a sound…
No rattle tattled
Or even prattled
What Sir. Squirrel found!
So, he snatched a rock
And gave it a knock
And came up with a prize
A giant lump
So Sweet and plump
It made him tell a lie!
“Along the crease
which held a feast
Thus I did divide.”
“Old and musty
slightly crusty
was the meat inside!”
Thus he revealed
He turned on his heel
And hopped along his way
Surprised he pondered
Sir Squirrel wondered
“What did Sly Rabbit Say?…
…Old and musty
Slightly crusty
Was the meat inside?!”
For in the shell
A squirrel could tell
With out having to divide…
Must be the flavor
That caught his disfavor
Because he is a Hare.
He didn’t have time
To show him his find
And it made no sense to share…
Sir Squirrel bent down
Where he had found
The pecan nut in shell
He thought he had plenty
After picking up twenty
An’ went to the burrow he dwelled….

Words of Wisdom
“Be careful, I love you!” Mother’s cry.
Our cherished authors whom plagiarize
those words of wisdom that rectify
our thoughts and feelings piper pied…

The Depth of Knowledge
They glide
the crystal crisp
windy wisps,
Cotton candy
Swelling puffs
Stormy Tufts
The feathered pair?
Swooping the air!
Gracefully swept.
Their very depths!

A Good Cry
rivulets rain
an’ break
the bound
by their chains.
Those Tears
of sorrow,
and shame,
the Dawn
and swept
the pain!

in a simple word.
The Gospel
we heard;
four separate
when single
an’ few,
puppies too!

The Price
Old Man Bianco, his vocal voice
stripped of all it’s octave choice
creaked and crowed in age and vice
“Liquor, tobacco, you pay the price!”

I often wonder
mothers are
always close
never far…
I often wonder
Fathers are
never close
by far…


copyright 1981 /scarFONE