Poetry 1998-1999-b

Poetry 1998-1999-b

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Nov 98

I watch the sun rise
All the differnt hues
Lovers sit under its light
I sit alone
Under the eternal eclipse

What beauty do stars bring
When they no longer twinkle
I sit on the hill
Watching the last star die
In my eyes there is no rebirth

The moon is only a reflection
Of the bright sun
But the sun is dark
So there is no moon

All the light is gone

How can I marry him
A man I do not love
To my heart I must be true
Can anyone answer me
My father I do love
He has told me to follow my heart
Then he tells me to hold responsibility true
For a heart is such a small sacrifice
For peace in the kingdom
My fathers wish or that of my heart

I must deiced soon
Time is slipping away
I love another man
A man I may never have
Who is my destiny
One shall bring peace & stability
The other love & life true

Three men all in my life
All with different wishes and reasons
My father wishes peace and happiness
For all that can be
My betroved wants power and beauty
A country and a wife
My love true hopes happiness and freedom
For me and all that wish

My word is the basis of my honor
My honor I hold dear
Promised to my father my obedience
To the fiancé my hand in marriage
And my love shall have my heart
How can I keep my promises
Without breaking my word

I don’t think that I am
Any closer to a decision
But maybe you have
Realized what you must do
That would make one less
Confused Princess with an impatient king
If your father is happy
Then so shall mine
Love may yet get wings
For then I must follow my heart
To the I end I shall be true



Nov 98

D. I. V. A. 1998 ~ November 2nd ’98
Kenidra R. Stinnett
Nov 98

Burning Desire (princess warrior)

Darkness besets while I sleep with wonders in my head. this seems too wierd in all the life You give me. still I wait for Your touch in my room so warm in search of water. demons gaze with their crimsom nature never to see the truth. my Love, no longer will the highest mountain become my friend ever again. and in my heart I can taste the tears of Your face when You Love Me. held to the last fight never to lose is this princess warrior. so I bow down to my knees even in the crown and purple garment. my sweet soul is placed on the sword for the day of rest. as You search my heart I am burdened with life’s reach holding on. the defeat of surrender now is death in its own. we have come far too much while Our lives press on through the fire. hurts too much but to die with You in my arms is all I see. and You will come for my return whether life or death becomes the calling.


 A Winner August

If Jesus came today, and looked like you or me…

If He sat upon a pew, or prayed on bended knee…

Would you know HIM as the Son of God, and simply let Him be.

Or would you march
right up to Him,
embraced in you self-

And in that superior
tone,  you use for
those you think
beneath you,


I see you have an
earing, tatoos upon
your arms, your motorcycle leathers
fit you way too tight…

You don’t look like
a Christian, and your
hair is way too long,
Didn’t I see you
on stage, singing a
“Heavy Metal” song?
I think you best be
leaving, with us
you don’t belong! 

We are all good Christians here and you are just all

I hope that when
you see a stranger
who seems to “not
belong”, you’ll look
beneath the surface..

Who knows, you
could be wrong!!!

Hilda Sinclair
YES from the ROCK

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Born, August 08, 1918, in Union County, North Carolina, USA,
Atha Lee Broome Eury

Gateways Through GOD

Dear Lord;
As Thy Morning light lights the sky
Kisses Thy darkness a fond goodbye
Help me, Dear Lord, To use This day
in Thy Loving Unselfish Way.

May my life shine as the sun
May its radiance reach someone
Who has not seen Thy Light of Love
Is not aware all is from above.

May my eyes Thy Love-light shine
May an eager child in them find
A desire to see Thy Light that guides
Their youthful mind over life’s tides.

May my feet quietly, softly tread
Where unhappy souls have fled
To find escape from their cares
May I guide them with my prayers

May my hands be helping hands
Helping fulfill Thy perfect plan,
May they reach some soul in distress
And help them know Thy way is best.

Should I, with Thy help today,
Control the things I do and say.
Should one desire be fulfilled
Help me to know it was Thy will,

It was the work of You through me,
That helped an eager child to see,
The unhappy soul, the one depressed,
The wandering one, Thy Way Is Best.

Atha Lee Broome Eury
April 24, 1965   11:A.M.

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“I arrived to greet my parents . . . two older brothers . . .
on a farm . . . before Doctor Sapp could arrive
in his horse drawn buggy . . .”

Little Hurts

Thank you, God, for little hurts
That prick my heart each day.
As long as I can feel their pain
I can hear my conscious say,
“The pain that hurts so much
my Dear, is very good for you.
It has a way of saying that
Your heart and mind are true.
The time for regret and sorrow is,
When no trails bring despair
No burden great with agony says,
‘No conscious mind is there.'”

– Atha Lee Broome Eury –
@January 14, 1966  12:20A.M..

“. . . Mamma had me making biscuits before I could reach the counter top  . . .
as I grew older I enjoyed feeding the chickens, gathering eggs, carrying in
wood, working in the fields, ironing and sewing; I especially
liked to embroider pretty aprons and scarfes . . “

A second Decides My Fate
A second is such a little thing,
It passes so quickly.
Yet it decides my fate
for Heaven or Hell eternally.

Lord, help me to choose Heaven. Amen

Atha Lee Broome Eury
@March 10, 1966 9:00A.M.


“. . . mother named me for a niece of hers, Atha Hunter . . .
Atha died in my mother’s arms when she was twelve
. . . Mama loved Atha Hunter . . .”

The In-betweens

We are inclined to remember
Happy times or sorrows strife’s.
May I remember the in-betweens;
These bring perfect balance to daily life.

– Atha Lee Broome Eury –
@April 06, 1966 5:00A.M.

“. . . I wanted mama to love me as she loved Atha . . .
So, when mama asked me to do something, I would always try . . .  “

May I

Dear Lord,
As I face the storm of life
May I reach only for your calm.
May I do only deeds of kindness
And return bad with loving alms.
– Atha Lee Broome Eury –
@March 12, 1966  12:20A.M..

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