McCain Buried The Records Of Possible Men Left Behind

Russian Hacks
Today’s hearings on the alleged Russian Hacks were a farce created to Discredit the President Elect of the United States for wanting to befriend Russia. YET, No matter your feelings as concerns this fact, it was a shoddy attempt to turn what was a JUVENILE PHISH OF AN EMAIL ACCOUNT THAT RELEASED WHAT WAS PROOF OF ILLEGAL ACTIVITY IN EMAILS OF A DEMOCRATIC PERSONA, into an out right international frontal attack on TRUMP!!
FACT IS, it was not a Russian Chinese or North Korean Computer Hack like those that have been ongoing and that have Stolen the secrets to our MULTIPLE WAR HEAD SYSTEM, OUR ADVANCED FIGHTER SYSTEMS INFORMATION or Any of the Millions of Documents that have been hijacked with out a hearing or action on the part of our Government.
In fact they were no way as important as what Snowden or Hillary released!
And in fact, remember The WORDS “WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA AND FAKE STORIES and wild..,,,” so beware, they are targeting YOU my friends.. watch and do not wait.. cause it is coming down the pike.
Lets face it, it was an EMAIL PHISH — these occur every day all day and they are a direct result of failure to pass protect or use appropriate secure services, I should know I have supplied internet hosting for 22 years.
Where was the hearings on China’s thefts from the Clinton era to Obama’s Era??? This was the first major attack by Congress and they are on the hill patting each others backs..The Democrats are kicking it up! The repubs whom hate Trump are doing the same..
Well, before you call McCain a Hero, it is time to read this:
Russian Hacks