Americans Have Marched Against Wars And For Equal Rights And For Everything But Health Care! Yet We All Go About Our Ways Until We Get Sick And When We Get Sick We Get Shunned…..

We Learn That Mary Or Fred Has Cancer And What Do We Do? We Say “Did You Hear? Fred Has Cancer! Say What? Fred Has Cancer.. What A Shame…. And Go About Our Business..

Or Mary Has Breast Cancer! Say What? Mary Has Breast Cancer.. Oh What A Shame And We Thank God It Is Not One Of Ours….

.what Truly Pisses Me Off Is When I Hear Some One Say: ” They Have Made Great Strides In Treatments Today!” As If It Is Going To Be OK!

The Reason Congress Simply Does Not Act Is Due To The Fact They Have Excellent Health Care…..they And Their Families Do Not Have To Worry! I Bet If They Did You Would Not See Them Proposing BS Programs Or Passing Legislation That Benefits The Healthcare Industry!

I Have A Daughter Whom Has A Serious Pr-existing Condition They Have Yet To Ever Diagnose It! This ” It” Is Pure Hell For Her To Get Any Treatment Without Being Billed Thousands Every Time She Goes To See A Physician. And She Will Be 21 In A Month….

Where Is The Million People March On Health Care? The Fact Is It Is The Bloated Costs Of Health Care That Is The Problem! Such As The Over Priced Items & Procedures! Just Gauge Our Costs Vs Costs Around The Globe! I Mean In Developed Advanced Countries!

Then The Added Fees Like The 50.00 Room Fees, She Was Billed 50.00 Bucks For Simply Sitting In The Clinic For 20 Minutes Recently???

I Cannot Believe The Costs Of Simply Visiting A Doctor ! How Can A Person Pay These Costs? A Person Is Bankrupted The Moment They Have A Serious Situation

America Should Stop Protesting Trump And Wasting Energy And Their Time On Russia And Come Together And Protest For Our Right To Equal Treatment!…… .lets Kill Off The Right To Lobby With Cash Against Our Right To A Healthy Life….Right [and write] Your Congress