Fake News




Fake news is not new news, nor does it rhyme with the times. In fact, “fake news” is as old as history itself. Its use often determined the success or failure of entire nations, governments, military battles and more. Historically, propaganda was used in Babylon, Egypt, Rome, Britain, and our own nation’s founding. Its shards of history demonstrate its repetition: Octavian would utilize fake news to destroy Rome’s love for Mark Antony – leading to the Battle of Actium and Antony’s defeat.

You may think that Facebook, Google, or an unforeseen entity will arise to defeat fake news, but fake news often borders on protected free speech. Fake news can be part of real news content, but that depends on the objective of the reporting agency. Factual material and content is often mixed with opinion.

The only way one can be sure that content is genuine is to utilize a provider that has a history of providing content that has been thoroughly vetted. It is important to utilize a steadfast, safe harbor of news reporting that provides the best source of news.

During the Trump administration, we will surely witness a resumption of fake news stories from the opposition that has fewer alternatives to its remedy of losses. Always double and triple fact check a story when you discover a sensationalized headline!