American Children Deserve Higher Education

i have a dream act

WELL, I MUST POST THIS ONCE MORE DUE TO California Gov. Jerry Brown, WHO is proposing cuts to higher education scholarships for middle class students while allowing scholarship funding for illegal & legal immigrant students to increase substantially in his 2017 budget proposal!

I was born with a birth defect, wore braces till 8 when my father was murdered, i never completed 5th grade. Welfare and reform schools were part of my experience because i kept running away from the poverty and beatings. I self educated by sleeping in libraries -reading over 10,000 books– as i hitchhiked across America from 11 to 18. I was turned down by the armed forces due to my handicap until i talked & lied & begged my way into the USAF at 18

1st day at boot camp my left ankle fractured –they wanted to release me but i talked my way to stay— eventually honorable discharge, received my GED, attended higher ed. Started several successful biz. I was eventually diagnosed bipolar manic depressive — thus i state i have been there and back– the last of our 4 daughters had the very same birth situation, several serious operations from birth until 6 years of age, she continues to have lingering medical conditions..

Today she is beautiful smart, loving and cares for so many. She continues to experiences multiple medical disabilities, in fact, she had to complete the last 5 months of high school online due to the pain of her medical condition. She remains a pure wonder yet cannot attend college due to costs. Her medical condition does not provide her with assistance, with 4 daughters our income, sorry to say , no matter how many vintage watches i restore, leaves her, the youngest, in the lurch.

To say that she does not deserve affordable, quality, higher education whether she has a health condition or not means that you must be able to afford the costs!

She is just like millions of other young American teenagers who cannot afford college and when applying for a job are faced with wages so low they barely can afford the gas and insurance they require to get around, let alone rent for a less than decent place to call home.

The cost of higher education is totally without merit. Yet it is a requirement. I have read where some claim that joining the military is the answer for young people. Besides her medical condition, my daughter is too small to be accepted into the military. She is a tiny wonder who hides her pain so well. Not all young people can serve in the military nor should this be the answer! It should not be the only way to receive a fair post high school education.

To serve in the military is an honor but not the answer to the middle class affording the opportunity to send their children to college . Just take a look at the facts! How many return with PTSD, for ever carrying the scars of their service. We HONOR our sons and daughters their service but must this be the answer???

Must our children have to wait in order to be educated? That spark that they have when they complete high school; that drive; that excitement -that is the time to move forward.

When it comes to college, the fact is, on USA soil, the US Citizen should always come first. No mater the color or race or economical position.What makes these men and woman of Congress or the Presidency believe that if you are an American Citizen, that this fact alone means that you do not deserve or require help with higher educational assistance? I am totally at a loss?

Where is the common sense to this? The passing of the Dream Act[S] for immigrants that are in this country LEGALLY OR illegally to attend higher education at discounted rates has me seeing colors that are not red white OR blue.

i have a dream act